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The Potency of the Written Word and the Writer as a Driver of Change

When an anonymous person paid the bail to grant David Henry Thoreau his freedom, the writer was angry, appalled even. A non-conformist and a firm believer in civil disobedience, Thoreau was in prison because he refused to pay his tax, in defiance over the American-Mexican

On This Day, I Choose Hope; Not Fear

On this day in 1955, the Civil Right Movement, a result of decades of brutality, segregation, and whole-scale inhumanity, was born. Martin Luther King Jnr, on the 5th day of December, 1955, just four days after Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up

Berlin Skyrider

By Simi Oba-Pedro Four doctors and six x-rays later, nobody could tell Olori why her right knee hurt like it did. It started off as minor discomfort, then pressure and now, it felt like all the tendons were torn. It was why she always had

MBC’s Mashup becomes The Mainlander

This is the second edition of the periodic Mainland Book Cafe publication (formerly known as Mashup) The Mainlander. This edition features a wide array of short stories and visual art, with contributions from Kayode Faniyi, Simi Oba-Pedro, Ifeanyi Jerry Chiemeke, Joy Mamudu, Linda Orajekwe, Bankole

Rap as Warfare: How the first beef changed the course of rap

When Eminem ripped into Trump, the world seemed to stand still. The world of rap at least. While Eminem was not the first rap rapper to do so (Chance the rapper, and even Kendrick Lamar were amongst those to have already dissed him), yet the