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Beyond capes & spandex; we need new heroes!

If you grew up in the 80s/90s, then you’ll probably be familiar with comics like Archie & Betty, The Adventures of Tintin, X-Men, Justice League, and the likes. If you owned any of these titles back then, you were a rock star. Comics were everything.

How To Question A Creative Mind – Revealing The Maskuraid

Long before Celebrity Interviews and decades before Twitter blurbs and Polls; likes and dislikes, teenage author, Marcel Proust, answered a series of questions asked by the  Daughter of the Future Prime Minister – Felix Faure, while playing a parlor game. The responses and question seemed

The Joys of Solitude and The Paradox of Never – Ending Activity

  And Amidst all our call cult of activities, we’ve come to see boredom as totally inexcusable, but contrary to that believe or perception that boredom is failure, boredom is actually good or shall I say vital for the mind and spirit. By Adesoji Lydia