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An excerpt from Irenosen Okojie’s Butterfly Fish

***** Irenosen Okojie is a writer and Arts Project Manager. Her debut novel Butterfly Fish and short story collection Speak Gigantular will be published in 2015 by Jacaranda Books. ***** DISCOMBOBULATED HERD First the wives went bald. Their gleaming crowns like plump brown melons waiting

#Fiction: Accidental Reality by @Anabagail

The note was written on a yellow Stick-It but held in place by the car wiper. Dorothy would have missed it if she was walking to her car as absent mindedly as she usually does; her mind pre-occupied with things she would promptly forget once

#Fiction: Cause & Effect

By @maskuraid Our last conversation was exactly two years ago. I remember clearly what you wore, how dashing you looked dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt, blue Jeans and those hideously expensive blue Nike sneakers you’d bought during our honeymoon trip to Johannesburg. I can

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#Fiction: Fairy Tale

By @emini_ANOTI Hero by Enrique Iglesias began to play as they walked to the dance floor. He smiled as he stretched out his hands for her. She smiled back and placed soft, well manicured hand in his. He allowed himself to stare at the ring

For Want of A Child – Ep. 5

“You’re unusually close-mouthed for a guy,” Idowu said. The restaurant they were in was nice – and quite quiet for that time of day. Frank nursed the bottle of water on his table and stared at the woman sitting opposite. He couldn’t help but wonder