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For Want of a Child – Ep 4

The sun was barely stretching; lazy arms reaching to uncurl the blanket of the night by the time Frank was standing in front of his shop. He looked at his phone for the time; 6:42am and leaned against a table standing to one side. His

#SERIES: For Want of A Child – Ep 3

“Man, Folly, this is one kind jare.” The living room was way larger than Frank was used to – the ambience was quite pleasant too. He and his friend were lazing on the sofa, watching Super Sport and jawing. It was almost a week since

Diary of an unborn child – by @AyoWeke

SEPTEMBER 5 Today, I was conceived….. shhhhh!!!, my parents don’t even know about this. Like a tadpole I made mum’s womb my pool. OCTOBER 25 I’m one month and twenty days old today but they still don’t know that I am here. My hands and

#Fiction: Deceptive Mirror

By Odesomi Olanrewaju (@lanreode) Friday – 7:30 Aduke ran outside, arms in head, screaming. “Help me. Help me” Her retorts filled the dark night, ripping it of its innocence. “People, help me” She threw herself on the dirty ground, and rolled, the uneven, bumpy road

Dear Diary – by @EkyShirley

Roses are red, Violets are blue, If he’s always busy, The side chic is YOU…” Mogbe. I nearly died with laughter upon seeing the meme with those words. Ordinarily, it should speak to me, but that would be speaking to a girl who didn’t know