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For Want of a Child – Ep 4

The sun was barely stretching; lazy arms reaching to uncurl the blanket of the night by the time Frank was standing in front of his shop. He looked at his phone for the time; 6:42am and leaned against a table standing to one side. His

#SERIES: For Want of A Child – Ep 3

“Man, Folly, this is one kind jare.” The living room was way larger than Frank was used to – the ambience was quite pleasant too. He and his friend were lazing on the sofa, watching Super Sport and jawing. It was almost a week since

For Want of A Child – Ep 2

The old man’s laughter rattled the windows of the house – even though he was sitting in the backyard. “My son, what have I tell you? I mean what do I told you? Dat ya wife is onye na amughi nwa – she cannot carry

For Want Of A Child – Ep 1

“It was really good having you guys over. Really.” Igo’s eyes asked her husband abi? and he nodded, kissing her on the nose. “Thank you so much for coming – and bring the kids over next time. You know we love to have them always!”