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#Fiction: Fairy Tale

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#Fiction: Fairy Tale


By @emini_ANOTI

Hero by Enrique Iglesias began to play as they walked to the dance floor. He smiled as he stretched out his hands for her. She smiled back and placed soft, well manicured hand in his. He allowed himself to stare at the ring on his finger for a while and he felt very proud he had chosen the diamond with turquoise set in platinum ring; it was a beautiful contrast against her dark skin and she had been thrilled with his choice, her smiles beating the obscene thousands he had spent on the ring. They had always talked about a significant wedding band, something extraordinary and something with her birthstone.

She was the old school type that wanted to wear the something old, something blue, something borrowed on her big day. That why she had chosen to wear the off shoulder thigh high slit cream silk dress her mother had worn on her wedding day. Her friends had thought it was not so fairy tale-ish but looking at her now, she looked like royalty; expensive royalty even though the only jewelry she had on was her ring and the diamond earrings my mom had given her last year after we announced our engagement, her way of saying she was really pleased with my choice. She was too beautiful for words and he was proud she was his as long as forever.

She felt as if she was going to explode with all the joy she was feeling. Her heart refused to stop dancing in her chest and she could not stop herself from smiling. How could she, when she was marrying the only good man left in the whole universe. He had looked beyond her faults and loved her in a way she could not believe she could be loved. He had made her the happiest woman to walk this earth; something she had only thought was possible in cheesy romance novels and movies. She still often felt like she was dreaming.

As he drew her in a warm and tight embrace, she could hear his heart pounding so loudly; a perfect beat to her dancing heart and they moved to the best music of all time; their beating hearts. He looked down at her and she saw tears glistening in his eyes like fine diamonds. Her heart was melting, her knees were weak but she had never been so strong. She looked at his now tear-streaked face and she felt like she was going to explode into beautiful colourful pieces; a perfect show of how much beautiful emotions were running through her mind.

“Oh babe, you are going to make me cry too”                                    “Nope, all I want to see is that sunny smile of yours and I am at peace”

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That was all she needed. The tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she laughed. Only him could make her feel that way; the only one for her. He held her tighter in his arms where she would always belong and he had never felt so much peace as he was feeling at that moment. She was the only woman in the world who could make him feel that way, the womb that will birth the man God has destined him to be; his woman, his everything.

Enrique Iglesias sang on as they swirled together on the dance floor, lost in their fairy tale.

I can be your hero
I can kiss away your pain
And I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away
You can take my breath away
I can be your hero

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