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God Is Not A Christian (And He’s Not A Muslim Either)

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God Is Not A Christian (And He’s Not A Muslim Either)

By Ade Kehinde  (@mckenny).

A friend recently told me about a Christian fellowship she’s been attending where during one of their sessions she had asked the fellowship coordinator why God answers the prayers of people of different religions.

This question shows a fundamental misconception about the origin of humanity and it indicates that there are still a lot of people who don’t have a clue as to how man got here. I will attempt to ask and answer a few other questions that I believe will help shed more light on my friend’s confusion as well as explain why ‘religious’ people tend to be less successful in their personal lives when compared to others.

  1. Do we all have the same Creator?

Has any fanatic ever wondered what the religion of a child born by a couple with different religious backgrounds is? Take for example a Muslim/Christian or a Christian/Hindu union. Is anyone ever been born a Christian or a Muslim? The obvious answer is No.

Your religion is a matter of choice, not God’s. Yes you were born into a certain religion, but it has been your choice to continue there. You were never born as a Christian or a Muslim and no one will ever be.  It is very essential therefore to know that we all are first, the creation of the Most High. I believe in creation by God, that we didn’t just spring into existence through an evolutionary process like some scientists have postulated, scientists will disagree with that but I believe man is too complex to have come into existence by some random process. Some call it ‘Intelligent Design’ but I call it God.

Nothing in our DNA is religious. Religion is what we met here on earth and not what any one of us brought along to the planet therefore it is foolhardy for anyone to think that they have an exclusive preserve to God or any superior benefits because they are of certain religious inclinations. God made all of mankind, He cares the same for every single being on earth and what you were made to believe about God does not make you superior in anyway.


  1. Is Religion in the mind of God?

We live in a very religious yet wicked and sinful country. An average Nigerian believes being religious is the ultimate and that it automatically guarantees his/her success in this life and the one thereafter. Religion however was never in the mind of God and it will never be, God’s interest is godliness. You don’t have to be religious to be godly. How many religious people do we have who are wicked? Righteousness exalts a nation says the Holy Bible. Simply doing the right things does not depend on whether you are a Muslim or a Christian.

China today is arguably the largest economy in the world. It is succeeding because the balance is in favor of doing things right. They have the largest population of non-Muslims and non-Christian yet they make good progress. Our nation is a nation of mostly pseudo – religious people who are largely ungodly, hence the present state that it finds itself in. Nigeria will continue to be backwards until we change the balance of things ourselves. God won’t do it for us. We have to rise and make things happen, both in our national and personal lives. God didn’t create any religion. We should stop hating others because of religion and stop killing because of it. We should stop forcing what are supposed to be personal beliefs on others. The earlier we realize that man created religion the better for all concerned.

  1. Do you need to be close to God to succeed?

Life is a process that includes construction and destruction, evil and good. Life continues if and only if the forces of construction outweigh those of destruction. Take the functioning of our body systems as an example. As you take in food, your body breaks it down so it can be used for growth and development. Cells die daily and new ones are regenerated. As long as the number of cells being regenerated exceeds those being destroyed, you continue to exist.  If however as it happens with cancer patients, destruction occurs faster than regeneration, death sets in. Same is applicable in our daily lives, irrespective of what businesses we are engaged in or what religion we observe. When the natural laws that help growth and success are followed, you are bound to succeed. Irrespective of the farmer’s religion, a grain of corn planted in the soil germinates whether you plant it in Sokoto or Calabar.

There are natural principles of success that are available to all of mankind. Being religious does not make you more successful. Sometimes the more religious people are, the poorer they even tend to be. Instead of utilizing the natural principles of success, they waste their time and energy waiting for miracles – that rarely or may never occur – to happen. Some waste entire lifetimes in this manner, waiting for some magical transformation from a supreme being rather than working for it.

Religion has made many people less responsible for their personal development, serving as a haven and an excuse for leaving their own fate in unknown hands. Far too many people have abdicated their responsibilities in the name of trusting God since this is much easier, rather than taking charge and making conscious efforts to create the future they desire. Isn’t it amazing that the Bible is filled with stories of people who made things happen more than those who experienced miracles, yet people of nowadays are content to wait on God? Nigeria today is a perfect example of what happens when people are content to fold their hands and ‘let God do it’.

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  • Thank you for this. I keep telling people to leave me alone for not being religious, and I’m tired. Many people who judge me aren’t even godly, so yeah, you can be religious and a criminal, and you can believe that God is just a man in the sky from a fiction storybook and still be the nicest person on the planet.
    It’s about time people stopped hurting others because of religion. One day in Nigeria, we will all learn not to kill each other because “God” said so. If your God is a heartless murderer or sexist or racist etc God, you need to pray to him to chill.

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