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LagosPhoto Festival: Designing the future through Photography

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LagosPhoto Festival: Designing the future through Photography

LagosPhoto Festival – a month long festival tailored to showcase the intrinsic aesthetics of photography as a medium for identity, storytelling  and bridging cultural divide will take place from Oct 24 to Nov 27.

Now in its sixth year, the festival will include presentations, workshops, exhibition and discussion, centered around the art of photography. Lagosians can also look out for large prints of images to be displayed around Lagos in a bid to reclaim public places, and not only beautify the spaces, but also to tell the African story and bring great arts closer to the community.

The theme for this year’s festival is Designing Future and it aims to highlight the aspects of ‘making’ that comes into play in African sign and design dialogue.

The Curator of this year’s festival – Cristina De Meddel said “An explosive combination of facts has, in the past few years, placed Africa as a crucial reference and as an inspiration for cutting edge design and ‘coolness’. Our poor confused brain now process with the same hashtag, news and reports that shows us smiling kids in slums next to jaw dropping concept stores and a fashion industry that has definitely lost any complex of exorcism. What is the role of design in all this? Well, as I see it, everything.”

The international cast of Photographers to be present at the festival include Alice Smiths, Adile Buka, Andrea Keyezea, Emile Regner, Chris Saunders, Daniel Donnelly, Ma Mfon, and Owise Abuzaid amongst others.

The festival is open to the public, and attendance is free.

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