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Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year Resolution for 2015: A Book Club!

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Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year Resolution for 2015: A Book Club!

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Aside from creating the world’s largest social network,Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg is known for his ambitious New Year’s resolutions. In the past few years, he learned how to speak Mandarin, met a new person that does not work at Facebook every day, wrote a thank you note every day, became vegetarian (except for animals that he killed himself) and wore a tie every day. At the last Facebook town hall Q&A, someone asked Zuckerberg what his challenge will be for 2015. 

This year, Mark Zuckerberg decided to crowdsource ideas for his New Year’s resolution . Cynthia Greco, the Audience Development Manager for MediaOnePA/York Newspaper Company, suggested that Zuckerberg reads a new book every month chosen by someone else. Zuckerberg said he liked the idea, but decided to read a new book every other week with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs and histories. “I’m excited for my reading challenge. I’ve found reading books very intellectually fulfilling. Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today. I’m looking forward to shifting more of my media diet towards reading books,” said Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg also created a Facebook Page called “A Year Of Books” so that you can follow his challenge and read the same books as him. He asked users to participate in the discussions if you have actually read the books. Over 163,000 Facebook users have “liked” the “A Year Of Books” Page already.



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