I for don blow but I too dey press phone


Author: Hymar David

“The first time I tried hearing aids, I realized the world was too damn loud for me. “So begins “I For Don Blow… ” a memoir of a little boy growing up surrounded by silence and family who loved him hard, a little too hard enough to commit his body to native healers who left physical marks on his body and religious leaders who put the fear of God in him.The book is about love, hate, sibling rivalry and life from the eyes of a member of a group who are hardly seen and heard.

David Hymar dropped out of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) in his second year and is known to be deaf for about 17 years now. Despite these, he came through with a book that is already getting some accolades from the public. This book will indeed set the pace as for memoirs going forward.