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How To Question A Creative Mind – Revealing The Maskuraid

Long before Celebrity Interviews and decades before Twitter blurbs and Polls; likes and dislikes, teenage author, Marcel Proust, answered a series of questions asked by the  Daughter of the Future Prime Minister – Felix Faure, while playing a parlor game. The responses and question seemed

Otunba Jingosa – by @MASKURAID

[color-box] Please note: the story is in Yoruba language. R18+ [/color-box] Ara Otunba o bale mo.   “Wa Kola, wo bar geh yen, ki lo ri si?” Kolade siwo oti to fe gbe senu, o yipada wo apa ibi t’Otunba n n’awo si. “Baba, ri

Hello – By @Maskuraid

When English singer and songwriter, Adele, released the sonorous ballad – Hello, little did she know that it was going to caught on like wildfire. Still topping global charts weeks after it release, the song shows no sign of slowing down. And as the song