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Booooom! Coming soon…

Every stories & series was a hit, back to back! from For Days and A Night, to Saving Dapo, to For Want of a Child… (well you get my point). Seun Odukoya is back, with another exciting one – BOOOOOM! In what can be considered

For Want of A Child – Ep. 5

“You’re unusually close-mouthed for a guy,” Idowu said. The restaurant they were in was nice – and quite quiet for that time of day. Frank nursed the bottle of water on his table and stared at the woman sitting opposite. He couldn’t help but wonder

For Want of a Child – Ep 4

The sun was barely stretching; lazy arms reaching to uncurl the blanket of the night by the time Frank was standing in front of his shop. He looked at his phone for the time; 6:42am and leaned against a table standing to one side. His

#SERIES: For Want of A Child – Ep 3

“Man, Folly, this is one kind jare.” The living room was way larger than Frank was used to – the ambience was quite pleasant too. He and his friend were lazing on the sofa, watching Super Sport and jawing. It was almost a week since

For Want of A Child – Ep 2

The old man’s laughter rattled the windows of the house – even though he was sitting in the backyard. “My son, what have I tell you? I mean what do I told you? Dat ya wife is onye na amughi nwa – she cannot carry