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MBC’s Mashup becomes The Mainlander

This is the second edition of the periodic Mainland Book Cafe publication (formerly known as Mashup) The Mainlander. This edition features a wide array of short stories and visual art, with contributions from Kayode Faniyi, Simi Oba-Pedro, Ifeanyi Jerry Chiemeke, Joy Mamudu, Linda Orajekwe, Bankole

#Fiction: Accidental Reality by @Anabagail

The note was written on a yellow Stick-It but held in place by the car wiper. Dorothy would have missed it if she was walking to her car as absent mindedly as she usually does; her mind pre-occupied with things she would promptly forget once

#Fiction: Deceptive Mirror

By Odesomi Olanrewaju (@lanreode) Friday – 7:30 Aduke ran outside, hands in head and screamed: “Help me. Help me.” Her retorts filled the dark night, and ripped it of its innocence. “People, help me” She threw herself on the dirty ground, and rolled, the uneven,

Mainland Book Cafe unveiled Mashup #1

As part of our first year anniversary celebration, we published the first ever Mainland Book Cafe Collective, Mashup #1. Kindly read, share, and give your feedback.    DOWNLOAD PDF    READ ONLINE