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Her husband’s dirty clothes from yesterday are still unwashed. The children will soon return from school and lunch is not ready yet. Mama Osas picks up the match box from the trolley close to her television, the cellophane of salt, her container of Maggi and

Coal City Stories

It’s been one of those days. The kind of day that leaves me feeling undervalued, undermined, and feeling that I deserve better than what I’m getting from the tyrants who call themselves my employers. I’m wondering whether I’m actually cut out for the career path

How To Question A Creative Mind – Revealing The Maskuraid

Long before Celebrity Interviews and decades before Twitter blurbs and Polls; likes and dislikes, teenage author, Marcel Proust, answered a series of questions asked by the  Daughter of the Future Prime Minister – Felix Faure, while playing a parlor game. The responses and question seemed


55 Nigerian Writers You should read (No. 5)

Elechi Amadi (1934):  Writer and poet who brought to life the power of the supernatural and its influence on African culture. If it is indeed a writer’s job to record an epoch, then Amadi’s work is the supreme definitive guide for pre colonial societies southeast

#Fiction: Accidental Reality by @Anabagail

The note was written on a yellow Stick-It but held in place by the car wiper. Dorothy would have missed it if she was walking to her car as absent mindedly as she usually does; her mind pre-occupied with things she would promptly forget once